ESC Touring


After traveling for 32 years through Chile and Argentina in different types of RVs, we decided to start this company to share our experience with foreign tourists who visit us and the local ones, who eventually are just starting on this experience of living nature from closer.

During the years we´ve had 6 different vehicles, from pop-up campers through trailers and truck campers; these last ones being able to be dismounted from their pickup trucks as necessary. What gave us the best results for the roads to travel to get to the most beautiful sceneries in these countries, which aren’t always the best ones, have been the truck campers. These give you the possibility of exploring even rougher roads, eventually leaving the camper safely dismounted on a camping place. The last truck campers have been our own design in the distribution and space optimization, giving excellent results and being able to carry even more than what is really necessary. The oldest camper – and the first of the company - was even able to carry a trailer with a sailboat and bikes even on rough terrain.

We´ve traveled from the Chungará Lake in the far north part of Chile, in the Chile-Peru-Bolivia border plateau, to Coyhaique, in the second third of the Carretera Austral, deep in the South of Chile. Crossed to Argentina a few times, between Victoria and Curacautín, and Chaitén and Futaleufú, always on pickup truck campers. This experience has taught us that this is the best way to travel around these beautiful places, so we decided to create this family owned camper rental company. In our new truck campers we are putting all this experience gained throughout the years in space optimization and equipment. With our since 2014 rental campers we've been between Machu Picchu (Peru) over Salta/Mendoza and Perito Moreno / El Calafate (Argentina) to Punta Arenas and Fireland (Chile), partially through customer oneway rentals.

Our compromise with our clients goes beyond the rental of the vehicle, offering personalized advise for the planning process and the places to visit. What we were able to do as a family, traveling with babies just a few weeks old, or two adult kids, even the last trips with a teenager, we want to share with all our clients.

To date we have the following vehicles for rent, all named after winds: "Puelche" for 3-4 people (up to 3 adults and 1 kid) and "Mistral" for 4-6 people (up to 4 adults and 2 kids); the "Raco" for 2-3 people (up to 2 adults and 1 kid) was sold due to the pandemic, the "Surazo" for 5 people (up to 4 adults) was sold instead of a long-term rental, "Zonda" is in project phase and will fit 2-3 people (up to 3 adults). They all are / will be detachable from their pickups and are primarily own design. All our projects are focused on comfort and versatility, including a new compromise with the environment, leaving aside the big engines and changing them for smaller more efficient ones, with fewer emissions.

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